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Human Resources

18 February, 2023

Beware of seeking advice from the almodarimeen

The term 'almodarimeen' in the classical Arabic language typically carries a negative connotation. It is used to describe a person who heavily relies on the support and assistance of others without making a sufficient contribution themselves. This may reflect a lack of independence and a lack of seriousness in working toward their personal goals. In the mentioned statement, Mr. Chat GPT suggests that the use of the term 'modarieem' often implies negative behavior associated with an inability to achieve independently or a heavy dependence on others.
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14 March, 2023

In short: not everything that glitters is gold

In this article, we will shed light on a serious issue that clients may face when dealing with law firms to seek legal advice or assign a legal task to them. It is essential to emphasize the need for caution and vigilance before getting involved in problems that could have lasting negative consequences for the client, or even extend to others, depending on the magnitude and seriousness of the requested legal service. Undoubtedly, discussing the distressing and sometimes tragic stories involving certain law firms may be beyond the scope of this article.
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