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Conferences And Roundabouts

Requests from all categories needs to create contracts for all legal work

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A brief overview of the service

This portal specializes in creating, adopting and publishing events and initiatives to which the Jadeer platform and its members who are registered in its services contribute in every matter related or related to legal work to achieve the general strategic goals allocated to the Jadeer Legal Platform by attracting the competencies, participation and contributions that the portal receives from all categories of service beneficiaries. Legal services, whether service providers or requesters, especially those that support digital legal work.

What are the features and facilities provided by the portal?
The portal provides appropriate spaces and tools to develop initiatives and events to promote them for the purpose of benefiting from them for the benefit of the sponsor(s) of the initiative or event.
It also creates and publishes some initiatives and events and invites members to the platform to share and benefit from them.
Activating workshops for projects, initiatives and events accepted by the portal.

What means are available to achieve the goal of the initiative or event?
Incubating or accelerating the initiative according to the standards and mechanisms approved by the portal.
Developing the initiative and supporting it financially, administratively and technically.
Disseminating these initiatives to facilitate their creation and implementation on the digital ground.
How can I contribute or participate in these events and initiatives?
Propose or submit projects, initiatives and events to the platform administration through the means of communication available on the Jadir Legal platform.

Receive ideas for developing projects, initiatives and events.
Contributing to improvement or expressing opinion or advice.
What is the mechanism and procedure followed to receive and embrace the initiative?
When any proposal received by the portal is received, it is initially sorted, studied and analyzed by the portal’s administrative and technical team.
If it is consistent with the standards, conditions, and objectives set for the platform (especially what is related to digital legal work), the owner/owners of the initiative or event will be contacted directly to determine the nature of the support that will be given to the initiative project.

Transition to service: soon, inshallah