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Jadeer Academy

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A brief overview of the service

It is an e-learning platform that includes high-quality programs focusing on legal sciences, applied skills, ethics of the legal profession, promoting and developing legal research, and disseminating knowledge in this field.

Target groups:
It targets new male and female graduates of Sharia and Law colleges and colleges classified to work in the legal field and prepares them to work in various fields of law, such as the legal profession, the judiciary, the public prosecution, and legal departments.
It also targets jurists working in the legal field from the governmental and private sectors.
The Academy seeks to improve the efficiency and performance of workers in the governmental and private legal sectors by designing specialized programs with a distinctive methodology to meet the challenges faced by each side.
Increasing citizens’ awareness of the legal system.

Certificates and documents:
The Academy awards diplomas and accredited certificates for a number of specialized programs and courses in the legal field.
The Academy also provides free scholarships to a number of male and female students in accordance with the Academy’s terms and approved policies.


Academy faculty members:
They are consultants, consultants, lawyers, and attorneys working in the legal field in particular, who have combined theoretical academic aspects and practical field practices to benefit from their experience in this field.

The Academy provides a clear and easy-to-use platform with the aim of facilitating everyone’s access to legal education and knowledge.
Low costs and free.
The Academy's cooperation extends to the most prominent international institutions in order to develop new specialized programs and exchange experiences with the latest learning methods and the latest developments in various fields of knowledge by integrating local and regional expertise.

Transition to service: soon, inshallah