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Sample Account

Sample Account
Licensed Lawyer Saudi Office
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Basic Information
Consultations : 2
Specialization : Personal Issues
Years of Experience : 10
Languages : Arabic English
Average Cost (Appointment) : 230 Saudi Riyal
Average Cost (Immediate) : 288 Saudi Riyal
Communication Methods :
Personal Issues Criminal (Penal) Legal Labor commercial Administrative Athlete traffic Insurance claims arbitration Medical suits Implementation claims Debt collection Tax claims Customs claims Bankruptcy lawsuits


- Master's in Law | King Saud University | 2006
- Bachelor's in Law | King Saud University | 2001


- Deep understanding of various branches of law and the ability to practice law throughout the Kingdom.
- Administrative knowledge of regulatory aspects in the same field.
- Preparation of legal portfolios for training courses.
- Conducted numerous lectures in various international forums.
- Participated in drafting executive regulations for some government systems.
- Legal consultant for several major companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as Aramco, SABIC, Cooperative Insurance, etc.
- Strong foundation in the practical aspects of commercial systems, arbitration, court procedures, litigation rules, and experience in dispute resolution.
- Certified Notary.
- International Arbitrator.


Guidance Note: (To assist in writing the introductory summary):
* It is preferable to discuss the educational level and other academic qualifications, mentioning all the diverse courses and certificates, whether they are training, appreciative, attendance-based, or others.
* Mention contributions and initiatives in the field of courses, lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops.
* Clarify achievements related to the specialization or the legal field in general.
* If you have a vision or values that distinguish you as a lawyer, you can briefly explain them.
* Ensure that the writing is characterized by credibility and avoids exaggeration.


- Worked in the Public Prosecution for over 13 years.

- 10 years of experience in the field of legal services in various areas within several government sectors.

- Lawyer at Jadir Legal Firm for 4 years and counting.


Guidance Note: (We suggest using the following terms):
Employment in the position of (job/profession) at (entities/institutions/departments...) (whether governmental, private, or mixed) for a duration of (exceeding/approximating)........... years.
Engagement in the following activities: ....
(Independent work experiences - if applicable).
Skills, abilities, and professional affiliations: These may include analytical skills, negotiation skills, and good communication abilities.
Example: I, or the (company/group/office), possess numerous skills, including but not limited to:
3- The (office/company/group) holds several memberships in local or international lawyer associations.
Note: (We recommend focusing on skills directly related to or assisting in the legal specialization that meets the needs and preferences of service seekers).
We always emphasize crafting your experience section or introductory summary in an engaging manner, proofreading it linguistically before publishing, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding for the audience, and organizing it in a way that facilitates reading and comprehension.
We also highlight the importance of ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions published on the platform, especially those outlined in the fifth paragraph of section eight of the general terms and conditions, the sixth paragraph of the appendix to the terms and conditions for service providers, and the fourth paragraph of the appendix to the terms and conditions for service seekers.