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Volunteer Work

(Our contribution to a homeland that embraced us with its big heart)

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A brief overview of the service

What services and benefits does the Volunteer Work Portal provide?
These services and benefits can be summarized as follows:
1- Voluntary legal assistance that is provided to serve and develop society and needy groups, free of charge, and which is granted by law and legal consulting companies and offices (Saudi and foreign) registered on the Jadeer legal platform and symbolized in the service providers link with the logo (volunteer), through the appointments that the offices allocate to provide that service. In accordance with the executive regulations for volunteer work and the conditions and controls for volunteering in the Kingdom.
2- Receiving applications for employment, training and volunteering (in the context of legal work) and opportunities provided by service providers registered on the platform from all categories, and trying to link them with government entities, companies and offices concerned with legal affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (after coordination).
3- Receiving contributions, initiatives and ideas provided by all groups (public entities/private entities/individuals) to develop and advance the volunteer work portal in particular and the work of the platform in general.
4- Providing an easy-to-use interface and tools.
5- Establishing a prominent reference for community and volunteer work.
6- Supporting community service standards.
7- Providing reports and statistics.
8- Building a personal record for the volunteer.
9- Approval and documentation of volunteer hours.
10- Spreading the legal culture among society.
How can I benefit from the portal for legal aid?
Individuals can access the volunteer legal services platform through the volunteer work portal of the JADEERLAW legal platform “JADEERLAW.COM.SA”, or by clicking on the following link: Link
Who has the right to access the service provided by the Volunteer Work Portal?
The platform is open to all components of society wishing to participate (add-benefit) from the portal’s services.
Is login a requirement to benefit from the portal’s services?
Yes, the service provider or requester must log in through the link (link) and enter some of his data.

Regarding the free legal consultation service... What are the steps for obtaining the service provided by the portal?
a. Access the Volunteer Work Portal platform through the following link: [link]
B. Log in, enter data for the type of service, and choose the preferred language and appropriate method of communication.
T. Determine the field of legal specialization for which the service seeker wishes to obtain service.
Th. The platform displays a list of Saudi and foreign law firms, offices, and legal consultations that match the data entered by the service applicant. And the appointments available by those companies and offices to provide the service.
  C. The service applicant chooses the company or office according to the timings that suit him.
  H. Communication will take place between the service provider and the service requester according to the specified means of communication.
  Kh. The service provider will provide or apologize for the voluntary legal service.
Dr. The service requester contributes to evaluating the portal.

Can the service seeker choose a specific category from the categories that provide the service?
Yes, the service requester can choose a specific law firm/company from the list of service providers in the portal.
If the service seeker is not fully familiar with the law firm or firm, how can he request the service?
In this case, the service requester can specify the field of legal specialization for which he wishes to obtain a service, in addition to specifying the preferred language and method of communication. Accordingly, a list of law firms and legal/legal consulting firms that agree with the data entered by the service requester and the dates will appear to him. Available services in which service providers provide voluntary legal service, and access to all data of the service provider(s), such as the profile, experiences, evaluations, and volume of demand for its services...which gives the service seeker some preliminary information and he can choose the appropriate date from it.
If the service requester requests to specify a specific category of service providers, is this selected category obligated to provide the service at that chosen time?
No, the law firm/legal consulting firm, after discussing the subject of the inquiry with the service requester, may decide that it cannot provide the service.

If the service provider refuses to provide the service to the service requester, can the latter request the service from another legal entity?
Yes, the service applicant has the right to submit a new application and choose another office from among the law/legal consulting companies and offices participating in the portal.

What is the period of time for the service that the legal entity can provide to the service requester?
Law firms/legal consultations provide volunteer legal service free of charge according to the dates announced by the service providers on the volunteer work portal. Anything more than that is subject to the agreement of the parties.
In order to continue and grow the portal’s work, the Jadeer platform takes the following measures:
1- Seeking and participating with public benefit organizations.
2- Continuous coordination with public benefit associations and linking them to the platform’s services.
3- Permanent and continuous communication and updating with the Ministry of Human Resources and Public Security, the Ministry of Justice and the General Administration of Prisons for the purpose of registering and benefiting from the services of the portal and the platform in general.
4- Holding training courses and organizing various events, such as participating in festivals and celebrations, publishing specialized publications, and holding conferences, seminars, and discussion panels. And contributing to international, regional and local events.

Funding sources:
1- The percentage of the platform’s profits allocated to charitable work.
2- Coordinating with government agencies to benefit from allocations for charitable work and linking them to the Ministry of Finance to classify them among the charitable accounts listed in banks.
3- The donations and contributions the platform receives in accordance with what the regulations and instructions dictate.

Transition to service: soon, inhsallah