Sunday 26 May , 2024 / 18 Dhu al-Qi'dah ، 1445

About Us

A Saudi company emerging under the name of Jadeer Digital Company for Business Services, this platform and its applications are considered the first of its service work. We are interested in providing digital services and delivering them in the easiest way to the beneficiaries, in addition to making efforts for the public's benefit with the capabilities available within the limits of the company's competence. Here, we made an effort to take note of people's legal needs, such as consultations, in line with the latest updates on the justice system, especially the Saudi legal system.


Our vission

Pioneering in facilitating the digitization and dissemination of legal services to be accessible to all, and advancing them at the level of our world.

What makes Jadeer platform different from others?

- You no longer need to leave your company or home to search for a legal advisor in any branch of law.

- You will no longer be a victim of impersonators of the lawyer's personality, your regrets, and the unjustifiable taking of your money.

- Here, with the click of a button, you will reach the legal advisor whose specialization you are looking for in accordance with your consultation, immediately or at any time, in the manner you choose and appropriate to the circumstances of your time, either by sitting with him through an immediate video chat, audio chat, or live chat for up to sixty minutes.

- Now, you can get to know the lawyer's competence by looking at his experiences, specializations, and an introductory summary of him once you enter the data we made available to you easily and efficiently.

- You will not bother moving and traveling to search for legal service providers in any city or governorate in any region of the Kingdom. They have gathered in one place to serve you. They are here on the Jadeer platform and its applications.

Do you want to form an integrated legal department in all disciplines for your facility?

Simply contact us through our channels, and we will make it easy for you. We are committed to listening to you, responding to you 24 hours a day, and bringing you a complete solution that satisfies you. To get an idea of the rest of our services, here is a brief overview of the support services portals available on our platforms.

A Brief Overview of The Support Services Portals Available to You on Our Platforms

  • First: Lawyer Contracts Portal:
    The portal receives all governmental and private requests related to services for concluding legal contracts, whether related to pleading cases, arbitration, and so on. In addition to requests to conclude periodic or annual legal consultation agreements by assigning them to professional law offices and companies nominated and registered for membership in the platform, documenting those contracts, following them up, submitting the necessary reports on their status, and providing whatever guarantees possible to achieve the best level of service for both parties (for service seekers and service providers).
  • Second: Jadeer Legal Academy Portal:
    Providing the opportunity exclusively for all service providers registered for their membership in the platform to provide their academic services and professional expertise through the Jadir Legal Academy. The portal allows registration in the academy for students, graduates, or interested people of both genders wishing to learn. It targets new graduates, male and female students of colleges of Sharia and Law, and colleges classified to work in the legal field, and to qualify them for various fields of law, such as the legal profession, the judiciary, the public prosecution, and legal departments. The academy awards accredited diplomas and certificates for a number of specialized programs and courses in the legal field. The Academy also provides free scholarships to a number of male and female students in accordance with the Academy’s conditions and approved policies.
  • Third: Conferences And Roundabouts
    In this portal, we provide appropriate spaces and tools to develop initiatives and events in the legal field in order to benefit from them for the public and private benefit of the sponsor(s) of the initiative or event. The portal also adopts the creation, incubation and dissemination of events and initiatives to which the Jadeer platform contributes and what its members who are registered in its services suggest or contribute to study, analyze and then develop, share and benefit from them in every matter related to or linked to legal work to achieve the general strategic objectives of the Jadeer Legal Platform from all categories. The beneficiaries of the legal service, whether they are service providers or requesters, especially those that support digital legal work. And making it easier to find them to achieve them on the digital ground. Activating workshops for projects, initiatives and events. Supporting it financially, administratively and technically. For more information, please visit this link.
  • Fourth: Jadeer Podcast
    We believe (strongly) in the scientific capabilities and practical experiences that characterize many lawyers and legal and Sharia advisors. Therefore, we were keen to create this portal through which we conduct video and audio interviews with service providers registered for their membership in the platform to provide us with legal advice and guidance that may change our lives and help us. To protect our rights and interests in our personal and professional lives, we will be careful to stay away from dry legal language. We will also seek the opinions of: (psychological, social, forensic, legal, public, etc.), and we will watch real experiences and interesting real-life stories that are distinguished by their useful, interesting, and understandable content. The content will be published for viewing and listening through various new media channels to facilitate access to it.
  • Fifth: Volunteer Work Portal:
    Through this portal, we seek to provide, receive, and coordinate all non-profit volunteer work and adopt those related to the legal aspect, in compliance with our approach to community service. This includes, for example, specifying a type of cases and consultations to be provided to service seekers for free or at nominal prices through a specific mechanism described on the portal, contributing to providing job and training opportunities for those seeking it, and voluntary participation in all aspects of life as much as possible to meet the needs of the legal aspect therein. Receiving, developing and adopting volunteer contributions that develop this vital and important field. The platform is open to all components of society who wish to participate (add-benefit) from the portal’s services. With God’s help, we will not stop at this point. Rather, we will seek to create a role model in the world of law.