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The affluent and legal awareness.

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Institutions and private companies play an important role in raising awareness of the laws when they realize their responsibilities towards their community and their national and religious duties in order to fulfill their entrusted trust.

When these entities understand their true and effective role, they will willingly bear the costs of a range of activities and initiatives in various aspects of life. Among the most prominent is raising awareness of the systems and laws that affect society and achieve security and prosperity among its individuals, through various channels and methods, including but not limited to:

  1. Organizing educational and awareness campaigns: Businesses should allocate a budget to organize awareness campaigns about various laws, especially those directly related to interpersonal transactions, such as labor laws, family laws, and human rights laws. These campaigns should target individuals of all backgrounds and categories, as well as institutions, companies, and government entities to encourage people to comply with the laws. This can be achieved by establishing periodic programs for these campaigns through various media, social media, public meetings, seminars, and more.

  2. Support legal service institutions: Companies and institutions should provide free or discounted legal services to citizens by financially and morally supporting the entities responsible for providing legal consultancy services. This support aims to help these entities offer their services at low or no cost.

  3. Developing laws and regulations: By expressing their opinions and participating in the formulation of policies and plans for societal issues and projects, these entities contribute to studying proposed alternatives, comparing them, and selecting the most suitable ones that will bring maximum benefit to society.

  4. Appointing experts: Commercial entities should establish a legal department as an essential component of the organization or hire legal experts (at the very least, graduates of law schools) or contract with a law firm to undertake various legal responsibilities. These responsibilities include providing legal advice to ensure the compliance of the organization's procedures with the relevant regulations and laws, developing the organization's internal policies, especially those related to labor laws and governance, increasing awareness of the laws among the organization's members through organizing regular awareness seminars within the organization, holding seminars on labor laws, offering training courses on laws directly related to the organization's activities, preparing internal newsletters about laws related to the business sector, and organizing legal competitions for employees.

Having a legal department within commercial entities is crucial to safeguarding the organization from potential breakdowns and acting as a safety valve to reduce risks that may affect the organization due to ignorance of the legal aspects of its procedures, indirectly helping to reduce pressure on dispute resolution authorities.


In summary, appointing legal experts and entrusting them with the development of educational programs is of utmost importance in achieving institutional stability. The role of institutions and commercial companies of all types in raising awareness of the laws is equally crucial, necessitating the establishment of clear and consistent policies by government regulatory bodies overseeing business activities and monitoring their performance in this area to ensure these institutions fulfill their role towards society to the fullest extent.

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