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Three important steps to reach a specialized lawyer

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These days, many people face challenges when trying to access a competent legal consultant for advice on legal matters, such as legal procedures or appointing them to represent them before a judicial authority, and so on.

Often, many individuals end up engaging with subpar consultants who lack competence, and sometimes they encounter those who are not qualified or even fraudulent. We have discussed the dangers of these individuals in our article: "Not everything that glitters is gold."

With the Jadeer Legal Platform, these concerns are becoming a thing of the past. You can avoid these mistakes by following a few simple and clear steps to find the suitable lawyer or legal consultant (service provider) for the specific matter you want to consult about. Here are the steps:

1. Visit the Jadeer Legal Platform website at From the top of the page, click on the "Service Providers" link, then select the specialization required for the subject you want to discuss with the legal consultant. The system will gather all specialized consultants in the field of law for the type of consultation you desire. You can then choose your preferred method of communication (text chat, voice call, or video meeting) and book an appointment if needed.

2. We recommend that you explore the profiles of the consultants automatically collected by the system. This will allow you to view detailed information about each consultant, including their practical experience, primary and secondary areas of expertise, available methods of communication, languages spoken, and the average cost of their consultation per hour (both instant and appointment-based). We provide you with a brief introduction to each consultant and the expertise they possess, making it easy for you to achieve your objectives quickly and clearly.

3. By examining the consultant's ratings, which are based on feedback from previous service users, you can gain a rough idea of the quality of their service.

4. For further verification, you can check the platform's homepage to see the most sought-after lawyers, which will provide additional confirmation.

It's important to note that all these services, from registration to searching for a specialized consultant, and the subsequent consultation, are conducted through the platform and its applications, remotely and securely.

In summary, the platform's administration has established strict terms and conditions for registering as a service provider, ensuring that those who offer consultation services to the public are qualified and meet the necessary requirements. Additionally, they undergo periodic and rigorous evaluations, leading to decisive improvement decisions.

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