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Attorney Contracts

Requests from all categories needs to create contracts for all legal work

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A brief overview of the service

First: Description of the service:
In this portal, all requests to conclude legal contracts for the purpose of pleading in cases and long-term legal consultation contracts, whether periodic or annual, are received.


Second: Mechanism of work and its stages:
After filling out the data for the service request and completing the upload of the related files, it is studied by the platform’s administrative committee and a number of offices or law firms registered on the platform, whether Saudi or foreign, are nominated and presented to them for study and to express an opinion regarding the determined cost. After that, the cost offers received from the service providers are sorted. The service seeker must decide what he sees as the most appropriate offer, and then provide the appropriate environment for communication between the two parties to complete the formal and legal steps of the service until its completion.

Third: Target group:
This service is provided to all groups that wish to benefit from the services of Saudi and foreign law firms and offices operating in Saudi Arabia and registered on the platform. Whether those beneficiary groups are individuals or governmental entities (ministry, agency, institution, bank, etc.) or private (company, institution, association, fund, etc.).


Fourth: The platform’s role and responsibilities:
1-View the request.
2- Nominate one or more service providers to review and study the request and determine the appropriate cost for the service, and the reasons for estimating the cost.
3- Cost offers are presented to the service applicant to study and determine the appropriateness of the cost for him.
4- Follow up with the service requester to see the offers available for selection or response.
5-If the appropriate offer is chosen by the service requester and approved, the chosen service provider will be followed up and coordinated to provide the service requester with the necessary reports on the work of the chosen service provider on a regular basis.
6-If the offer or offers presented by the service providers are not appropriate, understandings will be made and points of view will be brought together as much as possible, or the nomination will be re-nominated.
7-In any case, the terms and conditions published on the platform in this portal will be applied according to the subject.

Fifth: Privileges and precautions:
All agreements and agreements are made under the supervision of the Jadir legal platform.
The platform verifies the identities of the parties and the integrity of all documents submitted by both parties.
Documenting the contract between the two parties electronically.
Giving the agreements executive status as a basis for demanding their implementation directly before the judicial authorities.
Insurance for the contract concluded between the parties to the agreement (according to the parties’ choice).
The amounts are reserved in the platform’s accounts until the service provider completes the work agreed upon in the contract and submits the necessary reports for the stage, and then receives the fees due according to the payments.
There are many models and formats of contracts to suit the most common types of agreements.

Service launch: soon, inshallah