Monday 24 June , 2024 / 18 Dhu al-Hijjah ، 1445

Jadeer Podcast

Requests from all categories needs to create contracts for all legal work

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A brief overview of the service

Nature of the podcast and its general content:
Useful, comprehensive, and enjoyable content in which we listen to topics that touch our daily lives and affect them directly, in an interesting, clear, easy-to-understand, and uncomplicated manner, by conducting interviews with legal service providers.
It includes tips and advice that may change our lives, real experiences and interesting real stories.
It covers a variety of legal topics that introduce us to our rights, answer our questions, and discuss with us the issues, challenges, and solutions related to them. It helps us protect our rights and interests in our personal and professional lives.

The podcast topics will be presented on social media to elicit opinions and inquiries about the topics proposed for inclusion in the preparation, as well as after the podcast episode is uploaded to evaluate it and see reactions and opinions. Don't forget to participate there.
  In each episode, we will review the opinions of: (psychological-social-forensic-legal specialist-the public), and various specialists depending on the nature of the topics presented in the podcast.
A written summary of the most important elements, tips, and benefits extracted from the podcast interview.
The podcast will be published for listening across various channels for easy access.

Target group:
This service is provided to all categories of society in all its classifications, whether those beneficiary groups are individuals or governmental entities (ministry, authority, institution, bank, etc.) or private (company, institution, association, fund, etc.). It is provided by lawyers and consultants working in Saudi and foreign law firms and offices operating in Saudi Arabia and registered on the platform.

Transition to service: soon, inshallah