Sunday 26 May , 2024 / 18 Dhu al-Qi'dah ، 1445

Why Jadeer

What makes you choose Jadeer Platform

After your registration on the platform through this link as a legal service seeker of any kind, you can benefit from all the services available on the platform and its applications that help you get the appropriate legal advice, whether you are an individual, a private entity such as the owner of a company or institution, or even the registrant is a government entity.

Through the platform, we seek to attract many legal service providers, including lawyers' offices, Saudi law firms and foreign law firms operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Some people overlook the fact that the need for legal services arises only after the occurrence of a problem of any kind in any area of life, and then they initiate the search for solutions. While moving forward with life, we learned with the change of circumstances and the acceleration of time that resorting to legal services must be done before, during, and after:



You need the legal reference when you intend to enter into any transactions expected to have effects or if you want to practice any business on a personal or institutional level that includes obligations between two parties or contracts on which material or moral results are based.


Everyone needs to verify the proper implementation of the prescribed or agreed-upon steps to carry out the business systematically, and this is what your legal reference on this platform suffices you to follow step by step.



Preserving the stability of your legal position and developing your business of any kind, whether it is personal, commercial, or administrative, at the level of individuals or private or public entities and improving it according to the decisions, regulations, and instructions issued is an important element in ensuring its continuity through contracts extended to communicate with the Jadeer management and providers. The service is provided by those who care about its formulation, follow-up, and addressing others to preserve it.